In 2016 I took early retirement and moved to southern Spain where I managed to do some track days in the car. In 2018, I moved from Spain to Brittany in northern France where I live now. I decided to retire from racing completely in 2019, and just do track days when I feel like it. I have made major upgrades to the car in the last two years (see below) and may still do the odd race if I feel like it. However, I am no longer updating this website on a regular basis, so future updates will be posted on my Facebook page. Please click on the picture to access it.

While I have been moving around Europe, I have been improving the car. In late 2018 I had a brand new engine fitted, together with a dual map ECU, including anti-lag and launch control. Ive also had to replace some major components like the suspension, braking system and the prop shaft. But the car has now passed its CT in France and reregistered with a new French number.
Liz the List- Help with your IT

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Click on the picture to see a short video of the start at a Cartagena track day in May 2017