From Standard to Modified

I bought the car in 2006 when it was just a couple of years old. It wasnt completely standard as it had already been fitted with the Prodrive performance pack (PPP) and was running approximately 300 bhp. The car remained like this until the end of my first season in 2009.

How It Started
After my first season doing the Scoobysprint series, I took advice from the experts and started with improving brakes and handling and did one more year in MSA sprints with the engine unchanged.

The Next Three Years
Ever since, I have had upgrades to the car almost monthly, ranging from oil filler caps to complete engine rebuild. I do the work as I can afford it, and justify the cost to myself because I do not drink or smoke! Mods never stop really, the next big thing for me is to take it off the road and strip it out to reduce weight. But I am not quite ready to only drive it a dozen times of year, and want to keep annoying the Audis and BMWs of Cardiff a little longer.

"The most important modification is to your driving skills". These instructors - JOHN BUSSELL (on the left) and ERLING JENSEN (on the right) have taught me technique, bravery and having total control of the car (well it works some of the time). Click on John's pic for his website. Click on Erling's pic to contact him through his son's website, Steve Jensen, a racing driver himself.


The car was last mapped in September 2016 to 407bhp at Engine Tuners in Plymouth. The mapping is chosen to maximise fast starts as I do so many sprints and hill climbs. Martyn at Engine Tuners has been looking after the car for a couple of years now.

Click on the picture above to access the Engine Tuner Plymouth website.
Suspension and Handling
BC Coil overs BR Type 6kg/5kg springs
Front anti-roll – Whiteline 22mm adjustable
Front drop links – Whiteline adjustable
Rear anti-roll bar – Whiteline 24mm adjustable
Rear drop links – Whiteline
Front strut brace – Whiteline
Rear strut brace
Front lower chassis H brace
Super Pro sport running gear bushes
Super Pro sport anti-lift bushes
Full Geometry set up
Goodridge braided brake hoses
Performance friction discs and Z rated pads
Performance Friction RH665 Dot 4 Racing Brake Fluid
Wheels and Tyres
Track tyres = 225/40 R18 Kumho V70a Hard compound
Track tyres = 225/45 R17 Kumho Ecsta LE Sport KU39
Track wheels = 17 x 7½ JJ, Gold
Track wheels = Team Dynamics 18 x 8J, Black
Engine Modifications
Engine Changed for lower mileage 44k (129500 car miles)
Tubular headers and up pipe with ceramic coating and ceramic wrap
Milltek 3” exhaust with resonator and silencer
Spark plugs Iridium IX NGK Heat Range 8
SC42 turbo
K&N Typhoon induction kit
Up-rated silicone inlet pipe
850cc injectors
Oil changed Millers 10w50 CFS fully synthetic 3 esters
Oil control baffle plate – Cosworth
Oil pump 11mm
Gates timing belt
Gearbox rebuilt
Excedy twin plate clutch
Radiator top and bottom hoses (silicone)
Boost hoses replaced (silicone)
Engine mounts replaced
Gearbox mount replaced
Pitch stopper replaced
Engine re-mapped 401/340 bhp/ftlbs